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Xbox or Playstation

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I'd wait for the PS3 (personally). If you're wanting an Xbox, why not just upgrade your current PC - it's less noisy and looks better. Xbox 360 is not all that either. I'd go with SONY anyday, damn the man that is Bill Gates!

Most PS2's can get hooked up for online games and are less effort than Xbox Live, although PS3 will boast excellent connectivity systems as well as heightened graphics and less loading time.

Xbox = big, ugly, green computer in a smaller box.

Xbox 360 = not worth all the hype, strangely PS2 looking...

PS2 = Gaming machine for cool cats and those who don't wish to make Mr Gates another million for another useless product.

Based on the hardware we have in the office, we have more Xbox problems than Nintendo and Sony products put together. And most PS2 games will be forward compatible too :)

Oh, and PS2's are cheaper too! If you are going to consider the new 360, rather wait a few weeks so all the first batch has been sold and any faults reported and ironed out for the next shipment - all those people who bought the first batch of PSP's are not happy bunnies :/


Sleek, gaming yumminess!


The new Xbox 360.

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What games have you been playing, Foxy?

I'm totally addicted to SSX3 and Haunting Ground lately, although I am halfway through most games I have (I get special deals from work ;) ). I wish I could just play a non-work game through from start to finish, maybe I should just set up a console at my desk at work and sneak a few hours in like the WoW players do... :/

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Mario Kart is superb, and so are the Final Fantasy GameCube exclusive games - I just find the controllers rather klunky and you lose out on the online functionality. The disk ones are better than those hunking great cart machines though!

Good choices Foxy! GoldenEye is one of the ones we spend quite a few breaks on at the Pods. SS3 is really briliant and anyone can have fun playing :)

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Intellivision ! :laughing: Remember George Plimpton as the spokesman for it ?

I had one of those ... I remember thinking it was so cool , for awhile , when it first came out as the graphics were a big step up over Atari's . But the choices of games were pretty poor ( Mattel could never get any good licenses ) , and those controllers ... ! :laughing: I think they are worth big bucks to some collectors , now ,though . :P Thanks for the laugh , Sammy !

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Good choice Marc, I'm really pleased I got mine, it's getting used alot.

My brother has rented out Fifa '06 today while he is here, and the graphics are excellent...(even though I hate football games!) I'm on the PC on WoW trying to block out the noice of cheering fans and my brothers screams and shouts as he either misses or scores...:laughing:

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Okay...Xbox vs. PS2. Personally I'd go with the Atari 2600 or NES any day...however, that's not what we're talking about. I'd go with the Xbox. I don't know...I like it more. The Xbox for me is like the "okay kids, go outside and let us play big-kid games" kind of console. And as for the PS3...looks like a George Foreman grill...does PS3 come with a grease tray?

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