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Best music websites

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Well, what are they?

Songfacts - This is an OK site, I guess :D Seriously though, I think it's one of the best music sites on the internet

Digital Dream Door This website is full of informative lists on the greatest bands, songs, and albums in many genres, and a very wide array of musical tastes are shown on the site and on the forum

Prog archives Everything you've ever wanted to know about prog. Information on just about every prog album, and for many bands, you can listen to free and legal songs by them.

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CD Baby ~ Although this is a CD store, it stocks independent artists, the musicians send CD Baby their albusm, so it's all direct. You know where the profits go, and you get to listen to lots of sample on every album. I've discovered many artists this way, including Black Janet, Bird York and Rod Mobasher :D
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