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On the popular demand of Kevin, I am offering my services as a Hindi-to-English and English-to-Hindi translator. Free of Charge (sigh). Longer documents translated @ 50 cents/word.

Kevin's start-me-off question was to translate 'He's a dog' to hindi.

All righty,

Woh (ek) kutta hai

[ Woh (ache) kut (like 'put' but a soft 't') -ta hai (like 'hare' without the 'r') ]

'ek' means 'one'. Utilisation is optional and depends on emphasis required

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I should really take fees for this...

Foxy, yours is:

Kya mera peechha iss mein bada dikhta hai?

kya may-ra peecch-aa iss may ba - ra dikh-ta hai?

(I don't think there's an exact translation for 'bum' so expect some amazed looks... either because of your Hindi prowess or the Hindi vocabulary usage :D the word I've used means 'behind' :D)

All this is being done in installments because I'm currently at my paying job! :D

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Oooo, I want to translate Edna's! :laughing: So she can put it to use

Jaaneman, main tumse pyaar karti hoon, lekin tumhare bhai se mujhe sakht nafrat hai!

(it comes out so sweetly! :D Say it, Neda!)

[ Jaa-nay-munn, may (pronounced like french 'main') tum-say pyaar kar-tee hoon (nasal n), lay-kin tum-ha-ray bha-ee say mujh-ay suckh-t naf-rath hay ]

Whew... learn it up by heart now! :D

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