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Franz Ferdinand- "you could have it so much better"


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Everyone thought that they would be a one-hit wonder, like so many other bands before them, so not much was expected of this second album by the scottish band.

And yet, pleasant surprise, the first single to come out from this album, "do you want to" , became a massive hit, and was played constantly on all radio stations. Many hints as to what the song is about (" do you want to go where I never let you before?") but I wont discuss them!

The album "you could have it so much better" is a great follow-up to their first self-entitled album. The sound seems somewhat more mature and perhaps mellower, with more ballad-type songs like "walk away" and "eleanor put your boots on". Also, the magical "recipe" of "take me out", i.e. that of great fun songs that you love listening to over and over again but don't know why, continues with "do you want to", "the fallen" , "well that was easy" and "you are the reason i'm leaving".

All in all this is a great album, very fresh and full of hope for today's music scene. And yes, I know that most of you are not interested in new music, but i think Franz Ferdinand are really worth a listen.

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