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The Cars ~ Debut Album


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What can you say? Released in 1978 on Elektra/Asylum Records, this album was something no one had ever heard before. It became the benchmark for any and all 'new wave' music to follow. In my opinion, it single handedly spawned the 80's techno-punk movement. Without the Cars, there would have been no Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc, etc, etc. Often imitated, never duplicated, The Cars are one of those bands that, as soon as you hear any little bit of a song, you know it's them. The originals, for sure.

The Cars, quite simply, are the grandfathers of new wave.

Good Times Roll

My Best Friend's Girl

Just What I Needed

I'm In Touch With Your World

Don't Cha Stop

You're All I've Got Tonight

Bye Bye Love

Moving In Stereo

All Mixed Up

Now, that is impressive. Rare is the album that you can listen to, front to back, and thoroughly enjoy it.

The change off of Ric Ocasek's frigid, halting vocals, and Benjamin Orr's smooth, yet gruff vocals are perfectly blended, giving each song a different flavor.

Greg Hawkes' keyboard work was so far ahead of it's time, that it took literally years for his sound to become somewhat pedestrian. When I say ahead of it's time, I don't mean he was the greatest keyboardist or anything, just that what he did with electronics hadn't been done before. And yet, while he was truly inventive with his sound, he was never overbearing with it. He complimented the music, enhanced it.

Anyway, I couldn't tell you what my favorite cut from this album is, because I love them all.

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I only know three songs off this album, but they're all good, so I ordered the entire album on all of your recommendations :D

You will love it. You will love it so much that you´ll also order "Candy-O" and "Heartbeat City" and then "Panorama" and "Shake it Up"... :)

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