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Back Together

Sweet Jane 61

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I'd love to see a Mott the Hoople Reunion because of songs like:

Born Late '58 (p.s. I was born late '58...)

(Overend Watts)

Baby took me out last night

Got a little cadillac bite.

Shook me about - inside out

Didn't get home 'till light.

She's a grower, a goer - you gotta get to know her

No chooser, a cruiser - you turn around she'll lose you

Burned out as the light turned green

Smoke-screened off her rail.

He didn't see me comin' but he shoulda saw me runnin'

Faster than the U.S. mail.

She's a speeder, a leader

You're really gotta meet her

You see her, she thrills you, you look at her she'll kill you.

Listen, fella, baby don't you sell her

Don't you try and steal her away

Hush, man logs in her dam

Think you better fade away

Detonator, jail-baiter - a radar radiator

She'll annoy ya, destroy ya - she'll bring ya down in fire

Create her, mistreat her - no use tryin' to beat her

Admit it, she's greater, shame you weren't born later.

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I was thinking about this topic, but almost all of the bands I would like to see have at least one dead original member. I will agree with Edna and say The Talking Heads. I bet that they would be great live, and add Oingo Boingo. They were great live. Oh, and Dire Straits.

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I saw Dire Straits just once and surprise!! they were so boring... :P even playing the songs from "Making Movies" :stars: I wished I were home listening to the record instead...

But David Byrne is quite good live... at least I enjoyed his concerts, I´ve been to three concerts or more, in the 80s´, 90s and three years ago...

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Oh, I just saw David Byrne, not the Talking Heads... :) Of course, I also love "Stop Making Sense", I got my first video copy in 1985 and I´ll have to get me the dvd as soon as it exists... it´s one of the most exciting concerts there is... when I saw it in a theatre (it lasted one week... I went the seven days!! :smile:) we couldn´t stop dancing...

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