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Favorite Beatles album


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i voted for sgt pepper's - very hard to decide but i studied sgt pepper's for leaving cert music and i just love all the tiny details that went into it. also it was (i think) the first rock album to use sound effects like airplane noises etc. it's cool! and i just love 'a day in the life'.

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Me too. I love all their albums. I sing "Do you want to know a secret" while I clean the dishes and "Devil in her heart" when I hoover and "Hold me tight" wherever... I have a complete cd collection, which I still don´t with the Stones (I will have it soon...) and every little song they do, they do it for me, yeah...

:bow: :bow: :bow: Couldn't have said it better myself! They're great from start to finish.

Me too Edna. ;)

I think the White Album is too inconsistent.

CanAm Said:My favourite Beatles album is Meet The Beatles...

Is that the U.S. Equivalent of "With The Beatles" ? It's one of my favorites.

Darryl, I love 'With The Beatles'! I bought 'Beatles For Sale' on record two weeks ago.

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