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Sorry to bump an old thread...well...not really. If I was really sorry, I'd stop typing right now. Yet here I am...

Anyways, I was just listening to Queen II, and it has so many cool song parts, it made me think of this old thread. Here's some good parts:

Queen - Father To Son - It's around two minutes, and the lyrics go something about the family song, and "now you send it on" and there is an "oooh" that turns into a high pitched "aaaaaaaaaah!" And Brian May's guitar gradually gets heavier, and in the middle of the "aaaaaaaaah!" it gets ultra-heavy. That part's awesome

Queen - Ogre Battle - The riff is pretty awesome, as is the first scream of the song.

Queen - March of the Black Queen - the vocals are terrific throughout the whole song, but especially the part where he sings "you can be my sugar baby you can be my honey child," more specifically when he sings the word "child" and it gets high pitched. Also, the very flamboyant and pompous part of the song, where he sings "Here comes the black queen, poking in the pile."

Queen - We Will Rock You - The guitar solo, especially the beginning

White Stripes - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - the main guitar riff in the intro, and the guitar riff played in between verses are both really cool

Pink Floyd - Breathe - The beginning, during the transition from "Speak To Me" to "Breathe."

Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times - the parts in the song where Bonzo hits the bass pedal really fast

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Haha, I was just about to post and say how much this list sucks, but I forgot I already did that. One of the coolest song parts is at the end of Happiest Days of Our Lives, where it goes from I to IV and Nick Mason does those awesome drum fills, then Roger Waters does the scream from Careful With That Axe Eugene.

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