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50 Coolest Song Parts

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I have found a list of the 50 coolest song parts on the retroCRUSH website...retroCRUSH

I've got to tell you, the list is pretty complete...something for almost everyone here. I thought about just typing the list for y'all, but you really need to check it out because most of the entries have audio clips to the cool parts. I'll go ahead and let you know that the drum solo in Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" is #1. I would also like to point out #41 ROCKS!


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Great list. Mine would include Billy Joel's piano break in "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," The bridge of Springsteen's "Rosalita" (the one where Bruce stands on the piano as it duels with Clarence's sax) and when Janis Joplin gets her wail on in "Kozmic Blues."

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Too many cool song parts to list them all but here's a few off the top of my head:

Break in Edgar Winter's Frankenstein

Ending to Alice Cooper's School's Out

The dobro in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Curtis Lo'

Voice box work in Scorpions' The Zoo

Ending to April Wine's I Like to Rock

Ronnie Montrose's beginning/ending guitar in Bad Motor Scooter

Drum Solo work in Golden Earring's Radar Love

Joe Perry's intro to Train Kept a Rollin'

I could go on for ever...

...and a day.

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The outtro theme song variant for Sesame Street has this wicked two or three part discordant mini-break that is quick, clever, amazing.

It's a shame that you obviously never watched Sesame Street as I'm certain you could have been a better smart ass and better able to describe something in a way that makes sense.

You used discordant in the same sentence with amazing, clever and quick while proving you are neither.


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There is that part in the middle of Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf when they break out of the trippy but hard-driving music and do that strange decompression & calliope-sounding thing before the vocal comes up again. I think it is deserving of a "coolness" citation.

The Stones were listed for intros on Gimme Shelter (#14) and Sympathy for the Devil (#7), but, of course, then the Rolling Stones have many songs with excellent introductions that grab your interest from the get-go: Time is On My Side, Get Off My Cloud, Monkey Man, Bitch, and Stray Cat Blues to name just a few.

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The begining of "New Lace Sleeves" by E. Costello has a cool bass and hi-hat thing going on.

I also like the begining and the key change of "Eminence Front" by The Who. Speaking of The Who, I pretty much cant get enough of all of "Quadrophenia." Just an awesome album IMHO.

I know I have more, but thats all I can think of for now. :headphones:

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"Black" by Pearl Jam: "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life; I know you'll be a star - in somebody else's sky..." (what a soul-crushing line). Shortly after this line - right through the end of the song, Ed does what I can only describe as "wailing" -- you can feel the heartbreak...hits you like a ton of bricks. :(

"Old Fashioned Love Song" by Three Dog Night: The line, "To weave our dreams upon and listen to each evening when the lights are low; to underscore our love affair with tenderness and feeling that we've come to know."

"Turn the Beat Around" by Vicki Sue Robinson: The latin beat percussion solo in the middle of the song.

"Dragula" by Rob Zombie: That whole drum sequence at the beginning that is played throughout the song.

"Mr. Brownstone" by Guns N Roses: That "whipping" sound and drum sequence at the beginning of the song.

"Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider: That slide up the fret board at the beginning of the song.

"Tom Sawyer" by Rush: Neil Peart's "rolling" drums right before the line, "No, his mind is not for rent, to any God or government."

"Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy: "Ticking" drums & bass intro.

"Take Me to the Top" by Loverboy: Keyboard intro.

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Good list, I had forgotten how well Prince can play the guitar, the list said that he was channeling Hendrix at the time.

I like the feedback at the start of the Beatles "I feel fine". It was the first song by them that I ever heard and I was 'hooked' after that.

The bass intro to the Chili Peppers "Behind the Sun"

The dial-up modem connection sound, remember those, at the start of Vallejo's "Into the New". The first time I heard it I was in a car, the radio people stopped talking, and then I thought someone was trying to connect to the internet. It's a great song and I felt kind of stupid after the music started. :doh: At least I didn't say anything.

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In Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles, about a minute into the song they use a sound machine on Paul's voice that makes it sound like it's echoing.

The screaming in Why Don't We Do It In The Road? by the Beatles, and at the end of the song Cry Baby Cry (also by the Beatles), there is a part I believe it's to an old slave song, which Paul sings.

Very Cool!!! :rockon: :rockon:

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I was browsing through the forum, when I found this...

Seeing those kittnes sing "immigrant song" was neat.

I was watching that, it's pretty cool how they have their heads bobbing to Page's guitar. Even though there isn't much scenario to the clip, with it mostly being the two kittens on the ship. My favorite part is where the kitten quotes "Our only goal will be the western shore."


Yeah I know, I bumped an old thread :o

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