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Works Vol. 1-Emerson Lake & Palmer


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Works. Vol. 1 is the culmination of Emerson Lake and Palmer. One can sense the despair throughout the whole album

This can be adequately summed up in a few short phrases:

"This is it"

"It's the end of the line"

"Give it all you got"

"This is thae last time we'll be doing this"

You become inured to this mentality while listening to this record. The sentiment expressed above coupled with the flawless performance of Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, and Carl Palmer creates a sense of frustration; you ask yourself, "why did these guys break up?"

Overall, an amzing album. A good place to start for ELP newbies.

NOTE: This a MY review I posted on Amazon.com You can read this review there and other reviews that I have written there as well. I probably will begin to repost my amazon.com reviews on this website so more poeple can read them. If you would like to use this review, you must have my consent of a particular review that I have written. email me at: urbanebrain00@yahoo.com

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