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Whats in your trunk?


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I don't have my own car in the UK, but back home my little Harrison's boot contains:

Jumper cables

A jack and set of tools for changing tires and emergencies in a roll up toolkit

A small blanket

A small can of Motor oil

1l bottle of distilled water for the radiator and battery cells

A small paintbrush to clean any acid off the battery (I usually just put vaseline on the clamps though)

A compact umbrella

A mapbook

A spare tyre (fully inflated every time I do my other tyres)

A ciphon for petrol

I have plastic sheeting covering the carpeting in case something spills or for emergeicies

A reflective triangle sign

A small cooler box for frozen food (ice cream :D ) after shopping

A fold-up seat

I also think there is a flashlight in there. The majority I keep in the panels next to the tyre, the rest are in a small box to the side and really takes up no space at all.

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Thing is back home, traffic can be really crazy and things are so far apart - you don't want to break down in and not be able to fend for yourself. I also know how the weather can change, as can plans so sometimes I keep a little overnight bag in there too with a change of clothes, toiletries and a costume.

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