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One Day With A Songfactor


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This is just a little thought I had, and thought it would be fun to share.....I feel like we've all been friends forever. If you could spend one day with some of your fellow members, what would you do? here's a few of mine to start with.

Edna - I'd like to visit Edna, and have her greet me with her delicious brownies

Uncle Joe - Spend a day cooking Italian food, listening to some golden oldies music, and wine!

Ron - Would love to spend the day at his house just looking at all his music treasures, it must be just like the rock and roll hall of fame there.

Katie - We could spend the day listening to Badfinger!

Marc - I'd like to be a biker chick for one day and go riding with him!

Sammy and Peaches - Now that would be one heck of day partying!

Brad and Shawna - More partying there too!

Levis - Would like to see this famous basement of hers.

Bazooka - I could attempt to try to spend the whole day stumping him with a music trivia question!

Jane - Have Jane dedicate a whole day doing request from all her fellow songfactors

CeeCee - We could go to a Stones Concert

Old 55 - Would like Old 55 to give me a tour of the land down under...I bet it's beautiful in Australia.

Kevin - Take Kevin to a love - In, where he would be lavished with hugs. ;)

Ken - Go Scuba Diving with Ken

Earth Angel - We could spend the day shopping, going out to eat and chatting for the whole day

HD - We would definitely go see "Da Boss"

ok, thats all I can think of right now, I may be back with more...anyone wanna give it a try?

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Laurie : raid her wine cellar

Sammy : Sample his brownies

Amy : Take her shopping in Delhi

Rachel : Have her take me shopping in London

Edna : Hear her life story while sampling the local cuisine

Suzy : Stay up all night talking about nothing

Brad : compliment him til he giggles

Soulgirl : Beer-tasting lesson

Daslied and Bazooka : See them in the same room at the same time

Uncle Joe : Let him pull my leg and try my best to get a straight answer out of him :D

Kevin : Hit the sushi bar... and try not to let him get me try some strange delicacy like boiled pufferfish gills

Peaches : Go for a walk and feel very proud to be on her good side ;) and get a chance to see what happens to those NOT on her good side!

Katie : Steal her room

Batman : Steal his CDs

SweetJane : Choose the playlist and have her say something like "rap sucks" on air

Elvish : Coochie-coo little baby and kidnap mother

CeeCee : Kidnap CeeCee, kidnap her CDs (so they'll be safe, bhai!) and have both Elvish and CC take me to a baseball game

Shawna : Help her stalk Roger Clyne ... I'll distract him and you sneak up from behind...

OLD55 : Sift through his computer and CD collection when he isn't looking and get a headstart on any quiz questions

Jr : Go to work with him and monopolise the computer - then proceed to post pretending to be him

RonJon : Go to RonJon surfshop and try to get free stuff by claiming to be the owner - and I could learn to surf while I'm there too.

That's all I can think of... next!

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Kevin - go out for sushi and beers, and then find a nice massage parlor where each of us gets a "happy ending" (not from each other, of course)

UncleJoe - go to a Phillies/Red Sox game, and then to JB Dawson's for pasta and beers (that's if they serve guys who don't wear pants)

Amy - Hug a few trees together in Alaska, and maybe clean the oil off some harp seals

Brad - Split a bottle of tequila and shoot some pool at the Blue Room (if it's still open), then go for pizza with mushrooms, more beers and more tequila at Arcaro & Genell's

Shawna - She can come out with us for pizza, beers and tequila after the Blue Room (she probably wouldn't have much fun there, anyway)

Junior and Ken - What else?...KISS concert!! :rockon:

Aunt Acid/Chris/Roger - If it was Halloween, probably go fling some eggs at cars from the interstate overpass; if it was Christmas time, maybe tackle a few plastic snowmen, then go smoke a bong or two near Tiger Stadium

Cyberdemon - Go to an Offspring concert and bloody him up in the mosh pit, then go out for a few beers and bloody him up in the bar, then drive him home, bloody him up some more, and then throw him in his frontyard

CeeCee, Edna, Laurie, Radhika - STONES CONCERT!! (front row, of course; maybe Edna could get us some All Access passes, go backstage and pass around the bong with Keith and Ronnie) :rockon:

MarcM - dune buggying on a Malibu beach with millions of scantily clad women, then I want him to show me how to use one of those cool nightsticks with the handle to swing it around, and maybe go out and Taser a few vagrants

Peaches - We would %*#@ like wild dogs for about 12 hours, then go out for a nice dinner of barbecued ribs and salmon steak, go see the nearest local barband, get buzzed, and then go %*#@ like wild dogs for another few hours (strawberry Jell-O and whipped cream optional)

Earth Angel - classy girl, so maybe a Broadway show (I've never seen "CATS"; it looks like fun), then spend about an hour in Bloomingdale's where'd I'd buy her a nice dress or some shoes (ooh, they love those shoes, don't they?), then go to my place and %*#@ like wild dogs for a few hours (strawberry Jell-O and whipped cream optional)

Anyone not on the above list is welcome to come to Northeastern Pennsylvania and smoke many, many bongs with Brad, Shawna, Peaches and me.

Rock on, everybody!

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester: :rockon: :rockon:

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Why wait? It'll mellow the little one out. You won't have to worry about temper tantrums anymore, but you'll have to lock up your supply of Doritos. :grin:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hmmm. . . it might be one way to get the kiddo to eat rice cereal. Right now he's still refusing anything but the best, and that's mama milk :crazy:

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Right now, if I could spend the day with you, I would put all of you to work cleaning my house and my car (I will buy beer and pizza!).

And, I will be in the back bedroom taking a nap!

Although visiting Dehli and cleaning off little harp seals sounds like fun!!

Beer and Pizza - shoot me the mapquest driving directions Amers, ROAD TRIP!!!

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Right now, if I could spend the day with you, I would put all of you to work cleaning my house and my car (I will buy beer and pizza!).

And, I will be in the back bedroom taking a nap!

Hey that´s what I would love my friends to do when they come home!!! :) Actually I used to do it before when I lived in a bigger house, give a party, go to sleep when I´m tired and leave everybody having fun and then, before they leave or go to bed, clean everything!! It was great...

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Men are very good at cleaning when they want to do it... they´re stronger so they make everything shiny... :) and as it is an exception, they don´t feel bad at doing it for once. Well, at least, in my case... I clean every day and my husband does it once a year... but he´s better than I.

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Nah, thats the good thing about parties at other peoples houses...ya never gotta worry about cleanin up!

Speakin of parties! Check the Reunion 2 post, tell me what ya think! I think its time for another one since we have so many new awesome people! And still so many Awesome Elders(and by elder i mean people that have been here longer...i am in no way calling Uncle Joe old) hee hee hee.

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