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First music videos

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Well I may be wrong so help me out here.

A music video: Could be just the band playing or could involve a theme or story to which surrounds the song or story to which the song pertains.

Case in point. Some of the first video's I remeber was from The Beatles - "A Hard days night" film but even better and closer to what a Music video evolved into was the The Beatles - "Help!" film

which contained clips (videos) of the Beatles playing "Night before" in a field surrounded by tanks, as well as on the beach clowning around with "Another girl" (Paul even played a guitar-girl in this one) not to mention the most famous on the ski slopes with "Ticket to ride". Are there other earlier music videos that you can think of? Or even more arouund this pre-MTV periods. Including promotional videos that were creative and maybe something more than just "playing" the song?

~ Mike

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Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was definitely a biggie. They used all kinds of camera tricks to get cheesy effects that looked good at the time. Another was "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" by pre-freak Michael Jackson.

When I asked Colin Hay about the videos by Men At Work, he told me that in England and Australia, videos were big long before Americans jumped on the trend. That's why MTV played all those European bands when they started up.


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