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Wait For Me - Susan Tedeschi


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All this talk of Susan made me remember my entry for the Music of Choice thread...

This was the follow up to "Just Won't Burn", which earned Susan a Grammy nom for Best New Artist, which she lost to Christina Aguilera. That makes my head bleed, but let's try not to think about it.

Here is the album description from Amazon.com...

"This 11-track collection is the follow-up to Tedeschi's critically acclaimed, gold-certified 1998 release "Just Won't Burn," an album that earned her a Best New Artist Grammy nomination in 2000. "Wait For Me" features several new originals written and produced by Tedeschi, as well as inspired readings of songs by Bob Dylan ("Don't Think Twice") and Paul Pena ("Gonna Move") among others. Veteran producer/engineer Tom Dowd (Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, John Coltrane) helmed some of the "Wait For me" sessions, and contributors on the album include Tedeschi's husband and young guitar hero Derek Trucks; southern music stalwart Col. Bruce Hampton; and legendary pianist, Chuck Berry collaborator, and rock & roll architect Johnnie Johnson."

I love all the songs on this album. She has such an earthy quality to her voice. She doesn't sound like a little girl singing songs of unrequited love...she sounds like a woman who has lived, loved and lost.

"In The Garden" is a beautiful song about heaven...

"When I wake up in the garden

Peaceful slumber wakes my eyes

The sun and moon are always present

There are no more crying people around

Love fills all up inside me

Filling my heart with wishful dreams

No more sorrow fills my canvas

Along this lonely sea

Ships fall off of the horizon

Bringing love, peace, and joy

No fire can ever harm us

Only music fills the air

Silver turquoise teardrops drip down

Into a window of your soul

Touching your emotions with sorrow

Of a thousand years of wisdom sold"

"Alone" is one of my favorites...I dare you to listen to this uptempo song about heartache without tapping your toe.

"Been sitting 'round here baby,

thinking 'bout our last long talk.

Been sitting here at this table at your favorite restaurant.

Been hoping I could meet you here

So that I could make this perfectly clear

That all I do is think about you since you went and left me on my own

I'm so alone, ohhhh,

I'm so lonely baby.

And I need to say that...

I know I was wrong, ohhhh.

And I'm asking you to come back home

Don't wanna be here alone"

Here are a few lyrics from "Feeling Music Brings". If you are a true fan of music, you know exactly what she's talking about.

"I wanna feel, feel the love that music brings

And I wanna be a piece of life in all livin' things

I know what's in my heart and my soul tells me to sing

I'm gonna be thankful for this feeling that music brings."

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Peaches...we share some great tastes in music...I got this album from the station I worked at before this one, we played Susan and I admitt it was a little different than "Just Won't Burn" but it was one I loved. Susan has a great voice and the song selection was more of a variety on this album, more ballad type songs included which I feel she has the voice for. Her version of the Al green hit "Alone" is excellent. I love the tunes "Wrapped in the Arms of Another", "Wait for Me', and "I Fell in Love"...but each song is worth listening too.

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