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Fillmore East June 1971-Frank Zappa


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  • 2 years later...

First post here, so hey everybody. The Zappa fans I know are all music "smart" They play/played instruments, and "get" his musical Tom Foolery. Bela Fleck is similar, as are Fripp w/King Crimson, they will insert chunks of songs into the middle of other songs, change to different times, play things backwards, most of which, if you don't recognize what they're doing, just doesn't sound "right". I'm one of those who it doesn't sound right to, I've tried embracing all the bands I mentioned with no luck, I just don't "get it"

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I wouldn't say that Zappa is overly musically complex, at least not in a way that makes it hard to listen to his music. A good place to start would be "Hot Rats", the music on it is pretty accessible and you can really enjoy his guitar playing. A friend of mine once described his tone as "raunchy" and I think that really says it well.

As for King Crimson, they do get complex at times, but the band's sound has changed a lot throughout it's career, largely due to the many line-up changes.

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Lately, you've been acting like a real jerk. You just assume that you have better musical taste than anyone on this site.....

Wow! I know an old post but I really hope nobody thinks I have that same mentality. Sorry folks if I have come across like some wannabe know-it-all. :confused:

Anyway, Zappa fan myself. Unfortunately, the only time I really cared for this album was during my young adolescent years. But over time, it just doesn't do much for me except "Do You Like My New Car?" I have my reasons but just don't feel like explaining at moment - too lazy to type. lol


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Holy mackerel, this is an old post! It's good to know that I was a supreme bad @$$ as far back as 4 years ago. :laughing:

Sir outhouse, I absolutely do not think you have the same holier than thou attitude as the cat that started this thread. I always love reading up on music that I may not be familiar with from those that have the passion and knowledge about it. 'Tis how one learns, y'know.

And who the &*^% is this Cee Cee person they kept talking about? :shades:

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I admit of having a snobbish and a subtle demoralizing obtrusive attitude (but underlined that only a few would pick up) years ago and then only to have it fly back in my face. In a common sense, it's not my character but we've all had our share of 'net' interactions that seeped under our skin and bursted that bubble. And like the majority of post-'net' users, its a regret but no sense bogging yourself down over past indifferences, etc. Gosh can I ramble on or what? :D

If there is one trait that I despise about people on the net is that they don't share and/or acknowledge what's out there ie, they've found a site with lots of info about bands, music, card tricks, the best toilet paper, etc. And the idiotic immature reasoning behind it is simple - "I know something that you don't." Gosh, what retarded mentality but it exists! My theory is this - if its out there on the 'net', why the act of coverting? Share it you *******! lol

Okay, enough of babbling. I have a gift for you all if you want to spend that time learning more about FZ. On, its not a bibliography or another but its broken down to what many of those idiosyncrasies may mean.

Just go here -> http://globalia.net/donlope/fz/lyrics/

Then click any album. It will take you to all the credits, song titles and length, lyrics, year recorded, who played on what, etc. But that's not all.

Right below each song title:

Previous | Top | Notes & Comments | Songlist | Next

Just click "notes & comments" and you'll find quite interesting facts. Although some of the facts may be hearsay, its still interesting. AND, the majority of info are from fans.

It doesn't stop there either. There is another link that will list all the albums for each individual track.

Once again -> http://globalia.net/donlope/fz/lyrics/

Save it in your favourites!


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  • 9 months later...

Hey, I've got a story about this album. Want to hear it? I'll tell you anyway.

Back in my college days, around '76, I had this album on cassette. Don't snicker, cassettes were hot shiite at the time. Some friends of mine lived in a big old house near campus that had been converted into a ton of student apartments with a common living room. I'd bring it over and play it and they all got a big kick out of it.

Well a friend of a friend asked to borrow it. He kept it for a few days and then returned it. I put it back in the carrying case that I kept in my car and thought nothing more of it.

Several weeks later I pulled it out to play in the car. I open up the cassette case and what do I find? A Bread tape! I borrowed that SOB a Mothers tape and he returned a Bread tape. What could I do? It had been so long he could just claim that I was lying. I never much liked him before and I sure didn't after that.

That reminds me of a Mothers story that I read and get a kick out of. Do you remember Henry Vestine, the guitarist for Canned Heat? He was a member of Zappa's band briefly around '64, not even sure if they were called the MoI at that point. Anyway, Frank was a very demanding band leader as you can well imagine. Henry shows up for rehearsal one day and Frank hands him the music he wants him to play. Henry looks at it and says something to the effect "I can't play this *******. I'm going to quit and form a blues band."

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