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Atome Heart Mother-Pink Floyd


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Summer 68 IS THE BEST Pink Floyd song, possibly the best of alltime, of their varied and fulfilling music careers. YES, its better than Time, Comfortably Numb, Echoes, The Red Queen, Wish You Were Here, Dogs, and Jugband Blues.


Rick Wright demostrates his tranquil voice and poignant lyricism during this song. These lyrics are unmatched in the following years of Pink Floyd's musical career. IF YOU DO NOT LOVE THIS song, YOU DO NOT truly love Pink Floyd. If you have Dark Side, WYWH, and the Wall. You are not a Pink Floyd fan. You need all the albums to love this band, and Atom Heart Mother in particular.

NOTE: This a MY review I posted on Amazon.com You can read this review there and other reviews that I have written there as well. I probably will begin to repost my amazon.com reviews on this website so more poeple can read them. If you would like to use this review, you must have my consent of a particular review that I have written. email me at: urbanebrain00@yahoo.com

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Batman: I have all the albums, here's my list:

Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Saucerful of Secrets


Ummagumma (live)

Obscured by Clouds

The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions

Smoking Blues

Atom Heart Mother


Dark Side of The Moon

Momentary Lapse of Reason

Division Bell

The Final Cut

Pulse (Live) 2 disc set

The Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live) 2 disc set

Who was Not Trained to Spit on the Fan (1977 live from Olumpic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, 7.6.77)

Wish You Were Here

Is Anybody out There (The Wall Live)

The Wall


Im not a big fan of compilations so I dont have Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd and A Collection of Dance Song ect....


there's Pink Floyd not on the list shown above, inform me. (Except Extremely Rare Imports). I never no where to look to buy those obscure albums.

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Do you have "Relics"? A collection of singles, rare tracks and some songs which are included in albums.

I heard almost every PF album and maybe had them all but many got lost and I am still a huge PF fan... I don´t like "The Wall" though.

Anyways, if you want to post your reviews here you can do it. Why should we mail you to ask your permission and go to another site? Do you have copyrights? I´ m just curious...

Of course, "Summer 68" is a great song and I love it, just as the whole AHM album... cause it´s on AHM, right?

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Sorry, that might be a little harsh, but I dislike people who judge bands by compilation albums. "Yo Echos is such a great album man." You dont need to have every album, you just need to buy a few albums by the band that aren't compilations. Ideally, albums that fully capture a band's period. For instance, Meddle captures Pink Floyd's progressive period.

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