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women's names in songs

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" So good night Louise, good night "

Louise - Bonnie Raitt

" Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you..."

Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole

" Without Corrina, sure don't mean, sure don't mean a natural thing..."

Corrina - Taj Mahal

" I couldn't say where she's coming from,

But I just met a lady named Dinah - moe humm..."

Dinah Moe Humm - Frank Zappa

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I wonder if I'm the only one who has noticed this, but it seems to me that almost all songs that use a girl's name, it's either Mary or Maria. There are some others out there, I know, and I'd like to find out what they are!!

Please post the song lyric that contains the name, the song title and the band - any name EXCEPT Mary or Maria. I'll start.

"Back Alley Sally, I can play your game." ~ Back Alley Sally, 38 Special

"Sara, you're the poet in my heart." ~ Sara, Fleetwood mac

Shawna..I think the original premise is officially shot to hell..

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Fat Pat like his daddy was a bigot pullin' duty

he can tell it to them gargoyles fuc*in' on his booty

and Shawna liked money but mistook it for love

now when the Witches wings spread she give him he*d and look above

Burning Up- Insane Clown Posse

You asked for it!

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Hey Shawna,

Here's a song that not only has your name in it but also uses 10 other girls names for a total of eleven and none of them are named Mary or Maria. =:P

"I dumped Sheila on Thursday

I'll drop Melissa today

I'll kiss some tears off of Donna

Ask if she'll call on Shawna

Amanda, and Sandra and Kay

I like girls, I love 'em to death"

"Well, well, well. Look who's back. Run out of gas?

Patty, I was just gonna call you. Look...

I left Donna and Shawna

And Katy and Carrie

Melissa and Dena

I just didn't have any use for 'em

I just want you

Really, no really, honest"!

(I Like Girls ~ Alice Cooper)

"One thing I miss is Cold Ethyl and her skeleton kiss" (Cold Ethyl ~ Alice Cooper)

"Oh Millie oh Billie criminally insane

Oh Millie oh Billie" (Millie And Billie ~ Alice Cooper)

"Nurse Rozetta I won't let her

Catch me peering down her sweater" (Nurse Rozetta ~ Alice Cooper)

Note: The following song does use the name Mary.

"I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita

And as I continue you know

They are getting sweeter"

"A little bit of Monica in my life

A little bit of Erica by my side

A little bit of Rita is all I need

A little bit of Tina is what I see

A little bit of Sandra in the sun

A little bit of Mary all night long

A little bit of Jessica here I am

A little bit of you makes me your man" (Mambo #5 ~ Lou Bega)

"Hey fellas. have you heard the news you know that Annie's back in town" (Heartbreaker ~ Led Zeppelin)

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"Those were days of roses

Poetry and prose and

Martha, all I had was you

And all you had was me."

"Martha" - Tom Waits

Also, there's "Martha My Dear" by The Beatles but that's about a dog.

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Actually, how many songs do you know with the name Mary or Marie?

I just remember "Absolutelly Sweet Marie" (Dylan) "Maria" (from West Side Story) that one where he did what he did for Maria... :P

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"Maria, these things I do

every night they cut me in two" ~ Americano, RCPM

"Maria, Maria" ~ Santana

"Mother Mary comes to me" ~ Let It Be, Beatles

"Cut up Maria, show me some of them Spanish dances" ~ Mr. Jones and Me, Counting Crows

"Mary, Mary" ~ Monkees

"I can't speak for you, Maria" ~ Maria, George Strait

"And the wind it cries Mary" ~ The Wind Cries Mary, Jimi Hendrix

"Proud Mary" ~ Ike and Tina

"The screen door slams

Mary's dress waves

Like a vision she dances across the porch" ~ Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen

"Oh how I wish I was lyin' in the arms of Mary" ~ Arms Of Mary, Keith Urban


You've gotta see her" ~ Maria, Blondie

"Maria, Maria, Maria,

where did you go?..." ~ Maria, Green Day

for starters.

and if I listen to some country music today I can get a bunch more.

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And then along comes Mary

And does she want to give me kicks , and be my steady chick

And give me pick of memories

Or maybe rather gather tales of all the fails and tribulations

No one ever sees

the association

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