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How dodgy are you?


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Sadly Edna 'tis true - nothing major or pervy you understand, just all those things one does when 'growing up'.

Come to think of it, one trip to Amsterdam could probably have given me a 70 stretch and no pocket money for 10 years by itself!

Hanging one's head in shame....


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I think the nack is to have succeded in doing all those things you wanted to when young. If the test were to take into account the last 10 years only, only the pie-eating would drag me down...


you are absolutely correct, Diggs. Each one I checked 'yes' on, I thought, "Yes, I did that...twenty five years ago!!!"

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Wakefield sound like a wilder town than I grew up in ! :laughing: But somewhere under Magna Carta ( or that 'mysterious' constitution of yours ) , that must be worth 1 year in prison or at least a week in the stocks , isn't it ? ;)

"This is the voice of The Mysterions . We Know You can hear us , Earthlings ..."

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