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Community Service Bulletin.... Sexual Predators

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I dont make a habit of watching the Oprah show, but on Tuesday, there was a show about Shasta Groene, and other young CHILDREN that have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered!

Sadly, Shasta is not the only case. There are so many more out there that it is unbearable to think of.

I thought I would create this thread to create 'awareness' among songfactors to teach your children about this criminal element that exists in our society.

For example, in recent DAYS, a high school student-in my local area-was waiting for the school bus. Two men drove up next to her and asked her for directions... As she got closer to the van, one of the jumped out and tried to grab her. She fought back, and escaped the attempted abduction.... MANY other girls are not so lucky.


In yesterdays USA Today newspaper, they reported that a 21 year old man was convicted of murder after he lured an 86 year old woman to his van, tried to pull her purse from her and caused her to fall and hit her head. This woman was a holocaust survivor by the way.

So, with these two scenarios I would conclude that no woman should ever offer to give directions to a man in a car!

There are resources out there to track sexual predators in the US. County websites in my area have picutures and addresses of sex offenders. LINK

I would like to think other counties in the US list sex predators on their website too. ??

I would also like to think that most children dont open their doors to strangers, and dont approach a vehicle to give directions.

OIL is not our most precious resource... CHILDREN ARE! So if you have any advice, tips, etc on how to keep our children safe please post it.

I need a sign to let me know you’re here

All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere

I need to know that things are gonna look up

Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup

When there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head

When you can feel the world shake from the words I want a reason for the way things have to be

When children have to play inside so they don’t disappear

While private eyes solve marriage lies cause we dont talk for years

And football teams are kissing queens and losing sight of having dreams

In a world where all we want is only what we want untill it’s ours

(I won’t give up if you don’t give up)

Calling all you angels

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I used to go to an all-girl's primary school (ages 5-12) and we often had sexual predators lurking by the fences and sports fields. Our school employed a system where areas were marked off within the grounds that were out of bounds when waiting for parents or not with a coach or class.

We also had a patrol car that would circle the grounds whenever a class had Physical Education, afterschool sports in the fields, normal break times and home time. Other than that, they would drive around hourly.

The best thing for parents is, is to know where you kids are at all times! Not just - they are at school and have band from 3-5. Where do they have band? What is the layout of the school grounds where they play/recess? Know the areas your kids frequent as well as they know them.

"She's gone to play at a friends house this afternoon". Who is the friend? Have you met the parents? Did you drop her off there or did she get a lift? With whom did she get a lift? Have you met them before? etc etc.

What my mom did with me was have a password system. If her or my grandparents weren't able to fetch me for whatever reason, someone would call in to the secretary to say they were fetching me today instead of my mom, and she would ask them for a password. If someone couldn't offer the right one (which never happened), she would tell them she was taking me home and make a note of the person who called. A lot of other parents started doing the same thing.

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I am studying Chidren's Services at college. Last semester, we did our Child Protection subjects where we looked at all the different types of abuse and the reasons why perpetrators do these things to innocent children. It was a hard subject to learn about, because it is an awful thing that many people want to pretend doesn't exist.

At the last playsession of last term, we were all outside in the playground with the children (aged from 12 months to 5 years) when one of the other students spotted a man watching from one of the fences. When our supervisor approached him, he took off. Don't know what he was doing there, but it certainly pays to be alert and aware of what's going on around you, and who's watching.

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I forgot to mention that the county website for Vancouver, Washington (just across the river from Portland) also has a web accessible database of sex offenders living in that area.

Like I said, I would like to think most county websites across the US do the same thing. If you want to find out, just Google your city, state and the words 'sex offender' to find out. Example Google entry, VANCOUVER WASHINGTON SEX OFFENDER. The first hit is a LINK to the Clark County list of sex offenders.

I never knew this resource was available so I just wanted to pass it along.

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