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I am a classic rock chic...but I LOVE the BLUES!! Really got into them about 6 years ago. Was just wondering if anyone is into the blues also. Some stuff I listen to....

Buddy Guy

BB King

Roy Buchanan

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Jonny Lang

Joe Bonamassa

Susan Tedeschi

John Mayall

Robert Johnson

Eric Clapton

and of course Janis...she can sing the blues like no other baby!

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Sweet Jane I spend more time listening to blues than anything else anymore (though I'll never abandon my first love of rock). I listen to just about everything listed above. I'm glad to find another Janis fan. How do you feel about Little Girl Blue?? I love it. A couple weeks ago I went to Buddy Guys Legends club. Got a whole new education there. Listen to Lonnie Brooks, whom I heard the first time there. Not a really big name, but a really big talent. In addition to the above listed how about a couple more ladies, as in Koko Taylor and Etta James? I love Etta. There are quite a few Blues fans here, as you can see!!

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What do you all think is the best blues song, performed by a primarily rock star.

Well, there's lots to choose from off the

Allman Brothers - At Fillmore East ('71) album -

Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie McTell

Done Somebody Wrong - Elmore James

Stormy Monday - T-Bone Walker

You Don't Love Me - Willie Cobb


There's plenty of Eric Clapton choices

one is

Eddie Boyd's - Five Long Years

off the

From The Cradle album

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Bo Diddley!!!

can't believe no one mentioned him... oh well.

hendrix is also really bluesy, but i guess the best ones always are... (and as he's my favorite artist, i'll never stop trying to get people to listen to him. i feel it is my duty as a human being ;) ).

there's more feeling in blues than any other kind of music though. that's why so many people like it, imo.

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That's just because the preeminence of Bo Diddley is long-established doctrine here at Songfacts.

I love Bazooka. :bow:

I haven't responded because I don't know enough about the blues to make any sort of intelligent comment about it. But why start making intelligent comments now, right? :laughing:

I really dig Susan Tedeschi. Amy got me listening to the Alligator Records jukebox, so I have been enjoying the likes of Koko Taylor and Etta James. I like the blues when I hear it, but I don't necessarily go out of my way for it. Perhaps I need to, eh?

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Yes, Peaches, you do. One day I will school you thoroughly.

For now, check out some of the blues albums/songs by people typically thought of in other genres - Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday. Even Bonnie Raitt - try "Guilty".

That might be easier than going straight into Leadbelly or Elmore James.

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