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Quentin Tarantino Soundtracks

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Quentin Tarantino makes great films but he also uses great soundtracks in each one!

For example, he used a cheery pop/rock song like Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel and put it in the most disturbing scene in Reservoir Dogs- the torture scene- and now when people hear that song they think of that scene!

A similar thing happened with Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell used in Pulp Fiction when Mia and Vincent Vega are dancing. Apparently the song had never been considered one of Chuck Berry's best, but it's now one of his most popular.

A more recent example would be Nancy Sinatra's cover version of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)in Kill Bill volume one. I think that the stripped down version used in the film is a vast improvement on Cher's over-the-top original, which I thought was OK, but Nancy Sinatra's version is much better, and she probably only recorded it for the film.

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I love what Q does with music in movies. Traditional thinking is to match the music to the mood of the scene - sad scene, sad song, etc. This works very well most of the time, but kind of tells the viewer how to feel - in a horror movie you always know when you're supposed to be scared because of the music. Quentin turns this on its head by using something that might not seem appropriate, but in some warped way, makes sense. I loved the music in Kill Bill. The "Bang Bang" part was brilliant.

Another reason I love his movies - Quentin knows his music. He's willing to use lots of different styles and throw in artists who are not popular or trendy. Great use of The Dramatics in Jackie Brown!


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