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We're rewriting some code...

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So now is the time to tell us if there is anything you would like to see different. Among the improvements I'm hoping we can make:

Ability for users to update their info and newsletter preferences.

Character encoding so accent marks show up.

Ability to browse for songs starting with numbers.

Keep in mind we're talking about the main Songfacts site, not the boards. If you have any suggestions, please post them here.

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FusionBB Message

There was a problem loading this page:

No results. Please try a different set of search terms. Either what you entered was not found or you entered only common words. Common words (used very frequently in posts or less than 4 letters in length) are automatically ignored by the search function. For tips on narrowing down your search, click on the help icon on the search page.

Use your browsers Back Button to return to the previous page.

The search function should work...all the time. It's really frustrating that we can also only access posts from a certain date onwards. If you set it to ALL DATES, LAST YEAR etc, this message will always appear

There are more topics to be viewed in this forum. Adjust the date range at the bottom of the page to view additional topics in this forum.

The sidebar toggle option. Could we not have some way where we can just close the ones that bug us, but the ones we like can stay visible? Instead of closing them all or having them all open.

I also second the previous suggestions, as well as Amy's Calendar idea for poster's birthdays and songfacts anniversaries.

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I can't either Bluesy, and it makes it a little difficult when trying to answer some of the older Q&A requests, or when searching for something you were interested in from last year. You know they are there, and it tells you they are there, but you just can't reach them! :stars:

It's like putting a chocolate bar in a safe in front of Amy, and she's knows it's in there, and she knows there is a way to get it, but she just can't! :laughing:

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It seems like the comments field is used like a message board far too often, maybe we could limit comments to say 50 words, and maybe put a link to the message boards in a little "header" above the comments box to encourage people to "discuss" the song in a forum. The header could read "please visit our message boards for discussions" Just a thought.

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