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INXS places fortune in contest winning lead singer.


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INXS Chooses Canadian as New Frontman

J.D. Fortune will replace the late Michael Hutchence as the lead singer of INXS.

United Press International

Australian rockers INXS chose Canadian J.D. Fortune as their new singer before a TV audience.

Fortune beat fellow finalist, Chicago rocker Marty Casey, to replace the late Michael Hutchence during the finale of the CBS reality show/contest, Rock Star: INXS.

Fortune, 31, is a former Elvis impersonator who said he once lived out of his car when he failed to live up to his name. :elvis:

But Fortune prevailed Tuesday night, beating Casey with his versions of the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and the INXS hit, "What You Need."

The new band's first single, "Easy, Easy", was released Wednesday on Epic Records and the album 'Switch' -- the first for INXS since Hutchence's 1997 suicide -- comes out Nov. 29.

INXS will take its new frontman on a world tour early next year.

It wasn't all bad news for Casey, however, as INXS said they want to talk to him about possibly opening up for them on their upcoming world tour.

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I watched this show cause I have always liked INXS.

The clown who won it was my least favorite from the start. They made a huge mistake by picking him. In fact, this whole fiasco was a huge mistake.

They're actually thinking about a second season of Rock Star, presumably with a different band. Anybody got Eddie Van Halen's number?

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I didn't watch it at first, but caught the last few shows...that JD guy seems fake, he seems to put on too much of a show, like he's the only one in the band...I saw the last two runner ups and they were good on some songs, and not so good on others...I feel the same about JD...I guess it's really hard to find someone to replace the original singer in any case...Maybe the 2nd season will be who will replace JD! :laughing:

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I don't know, I liked him, at least, as much as you can like a replacement for Hutchence, picked on a reality show..

As for his "putting on too much of a show as if he were the only one in the band.." Have you ever seen INXS live with Hutchence? He just the same way, and it worked.

I say give him a chance, that Pretty Vegas song is pretty catchy. :)

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