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Emmys 2005


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The 57th Emmy awards were held last night. The night started off with a very disappointing watered down Earth, Wind and Fire/Black Eyed Peas performance. The only good thing about it was that it inspired my husband and I to engage in a spectacular 2 person Soul Train dance off. :grin:

I disagreed with a majority of the winners. I wonder if the voters watch the same television I do. And praise Jesus that "Everybody Loves that Damned Raymond" is off the air. Grrrr.

Here is a list of the winners. The italicized names are the people/shows that I thought were robbed.

* Drama Series: "Lost," ABC.

* Comedy Series: "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS.

"Arrested Development"

* Miniseries: "The Lost Prince" (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS.

* Variety, Music or Comedy Series: "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," Comedy Central.

* Made-for-TV Movie: "Warm Springs," HBO.

* Reality-Competition Program: "The Amazing Race," CBS.

* Actor, Drama Series: James Spader, "Boston Legal," ABC.

Hugh Laurie, "House"

* Actor, Comedy Series: Tony Shalhoub, "Monk," USA.

Jason Bateman, "Arrested Development"

* Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Geoffrey Rush, "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers," HBO.

* Actress, Drama Series: Patricia Arquette, "Medium," NBC.

Mariska Hargitay, "Law & Order:SVU"

* Actress, Comedy Series: Felicity Huffman, "Desperate Housewives," ABC.

* Actress, Miniseries or Movie: S. Epatha Merkerson, "Lackawanna Blues," HBO.

* Supporting Actor, Drama Series: William Shatner, "Boston Legal," ABC.

Terry O'Quinn, "Lost"

* Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Brad Garrett, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS.

Jeremy Piven, "Entourage" :bow:

* Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Paul Newman, "Empire Falls," HBO.

* Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Blythe Danner, "Huff," Showtime.

* Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Doris Roberts, "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS.

Jessica Walter "Arrested Development"

* Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Jane Alexander, "Warm Springs," HBO.

* Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program: Hugh Jackman, "The 58th Annual Tony Awards (2004)," CBS.

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Agree with you on all of that, Peaches. I also think Will Arnett and David Cross should've been nominated. Actually, the whole cast of "AD" should've been. Oh well, tonight's the big night, eh?

How brilliant is this show that they're replacing Henry Winkler's character with Scott Baio?

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I think I am the most furious that Jeremy Piven lost to Brad Garrett for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. I don't know if anyone watches "Entourage", but his character Ari makes me cry with hysterical laughter. "Let's hug it out, bitch."

I am also furious that both the guys from "Lost" that were nominated lost to William f***ing Shatner. Shatner can't act...he acts like Shatner.

I know, I need to get a hobby.

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This is what I am trying to say, people. The majority of people who have the money/power to produce the shows/films have horrible taste. What's even more scary is that the people who vote these shows to stay on air make us wonder who has intelligence. Duuuuuuuuuuh.

And my God, if they put one more F###IN law/crime based show on TV I will puke. Enough people.

Shawna, I think Medium is well written and portrayed.

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In general, I agree with everyone's comments about "Everybody Loves Raymond". However, the few times I've watched the show, I've really enjoyed the character portrayed by Doris Roberts, so I think her Emmy was deserved. If I were married to someone like Romano's television wife, I would put my head in the oven and turn on the gas.

Hugh Laurie was jobbed. James Spader does an admirable job on Boston Legal, but Laurie's portrayal of Gregory House is f###ing brilliant.

And don't EVER diss my man William Shatner. He is great on Boston Legal. So there! Neener, Neener!

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i don't know, maybe they do portray the characters well but they are so annoying, they are such a stupid family!i think i started hating after an episode where what's her name's parents came to visit and they all went out for dinner, and raymond parents were dissing her parents for travelling and liking nice food!

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