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I don't know how big Powderfinger are overseas, but I never see anyone mention them on Songfacts.

Powderfinger, named after a Neil Young song, are an Australian band that have been around since 1994. They play great alternative/rock and roll music and are a relatively new band which I think would appeal to songfactors who are into rock music but have lost faith in the current music scene.

They've just released a greatest hits album, Fingerprints. The album I would recommend though is 'Vulture Street'


This album won them a lot of awards in Australia. It was released in 2003 and seemed to shake up a music scene that had become stagnant with Jack Johnson type performers. The album is great rock, and you can hear similarites between Powderfinger and The Black Crowes, Stereophonics and even Tom Petty.

Favourite tracks would be:

'(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind'




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