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OK, I was arrested twice in Spain, typical, posh party in some chic bar or house, some celebrities, late at night, police coming to see, I was there with the friends, everybody was arrested, they were looking for dope, they found plenty, they released those who had nothing (me for instance).

But the funnny one was in Africa some thirty years ago. I´ll let you guess if you want...

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No, we went on a trip to Morroco in the seventies. We got busted, of course... seven policemen came into the hotel in Marrakesh or Casablanca and found plenty of everything. My friends didn´t speak French and were really scared so I decided I had to do something or we would have problems.

I insisited I was a tourist and wanted to see the French Ambassador. They called the big boss (the Morrocan DEA man,more or less...) and told me "Hey, you´re bold, you´re funny, I like you... let´s be friends". He took me in his Mercedes to tour around the city, the country, we spent a great day... I think I reminded him of his daughter cause he was really nice. Then we came back to the police station and he said my friends could go out of jail and he would forget about everything...

I still can´t believe it... usually they keep young people there for a month or two so their families would pay the fines, they steal all the money they can... I never went to see that movie, "Midnight Express", you know... :laughing:

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I swear the police boss was absolutely nice and friendly and nothing else... He even took me to a big place some 50 km from town and showed me all the weed and hash and etc they kept there... imagine!!! I never saw that much dope in my life... :P

And I also swear I thought my friends just had some hash for a couple of joints, not other things... I was twenty but I was wise enough to know where you CANNOT take some things... :P:P

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