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Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert


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My friend and I are headed downtown tonight to go to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert. There are six different bands and it looks to be very good. I was checking out the bands' websites and about half of them are bluesy and the half are either rock or punk. Lori and I haven't been downtown for over a month so we are excited. I have a few other friends who may go also. I have a date with the Capitan and I am thinking of starting is early.

I found out today that we have over 1,500 refugees at Remingtons (used to be giant dance club in town). I hadn't realized we had centers set up here. A couple of my fellow students work in the Emergency Room and have had some stories about the things that are bringing them in. I guess the Red Cross is handing out vouchers for the refugess to take to the ER to get their scripts filled. Most of the things are for chronic illness but some people are actually trying to abuse them. One couple came in with 6 vouchers between them and asked for various opiates and benzos. Apparently the doctors are afraid that if the refuse to fill any of these vouchers there will be negative publicatiy for the hospital. So this couple walked out with a bunch of drugs whose street value would be like over a $1000.

Okay, got a little off topic. I'm really glad that my community is doing so much. We have several local organizations who are donating time, money or supplies. I know it isn't much but, Lori and I will drink lots of rum and bid way to much on stuff we don't need tonight. :)

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