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The First Rock Score

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I think there really were quite a few movies with rock soundtracks before FLash Gordon in 1980 -

Rock and Roll High School - 1979

(incredible sound track by the way)

Apocalypse Now - 1979 - featured The End but the Doors - and an awesome soundtrack otherwise

Tommy - 1975 - The Who - the "rock opera" came out in 1969

Quadrophenia - the movie in 1979 - the album much earlier - 1972 - I think.

Grease - 1978 - I would consider this semi-rock

American Graffitti - 1973

Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell - both 1973?

The Warriors - 1979

Up in Smoke - 1978 - this is a pretty rockin' soundtrack.

Hair - 1979 - though the Broadway production was 6 or 7 years earlier.

And also in 1980---


definitely rock.

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Bluesboy - how could I forget about The Beatles movies - all with rock sound tracks of course...and the Elvis and beach movies - even older - so there certainly were rock soundtracks long before Flash Gordon in 1980. Thanks for the link - it was enlightening.

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I think a distinction is being made between a score (where the music is written specifically for the film) and a movie soundtrack that contains rock songs.

I don't remember if there is other 'score' forThe Trip besides The Electric Flag's apparently 'for-the-movie' stuff, but it looks like a possible contender.

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Paul Simon wrote the song for the movie so I guess it´s a score...the rest is part Simon and part Joseph Levine.

What would "Midnight Cowboy" be? The music is by John Barry but there are songs by Harry Nilsson, Elephant´s Memory Band... ?

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