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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

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I have a John Lee Hooker version on a Blues anthology CD.

Unfortunately, that one doesn't include any of the outrageous talking blues 'rap' that are a plus for Thorogood's entertaining cover.

"I know. Everybody funny. Now you funny too."

I always crack a smile when I hear George Thorogood's eight-and-a-half-minute version of One Bourbon,One Scotch,One Beer.

If you are not amused by the tale of his tribulations with his sometimes "lovey-dovey" landlady, that don't confurn me.

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Love this song.

We saw George in concert, and that slide you like

so much? Whatever the thing is he uses to play it

(is it called a slide), George threw into the audience(not audience,me!), but some 18 year old stuck his hand in front of me and grabbed it. I got ripped off. Even George said so, we met him. We were second row center, maybe 6 ft from him, and he likes to shake hands with the aiudience.

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