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Your Favorite KISS songs


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Ok, I did a search, and there are a couple of KISS threads (even an enemies of KISS one, but they're fools anyway, LOL), but they didn't have anything like this.

I know Katie, Ken, Foxy and myself are easily the biggest KISS fans in here, but they've been around for 30+ years, so all you other SFers must have one or two songs you enjoy.

Just like the AC/DC thread, what are your favorite KISS songs?

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I saw KISS in concert about a year ago, in Detroit (at DTE in case anyone cares). I love classic rock, but I had never gotten into KISS, but long story short someone bailed and I got a very cheap ticket with a really good friend of mine. So, I went, and I really enjoyed myself, they put on a great show.

Some favorite songs: War Machine, and I Was Made For Lovin' You. Not bad, but then again it's no Zeppelin/ Floyd

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What d'ya mean? I love Kiss!! My favorites are:


"I Love It Loud"

"Hard Luck Woman"

"Detroit Rock City"

"Love Gun"

"Calling Dr. Love"

"Cold Gin"


"C'mon and Love Me"

"Plaster Caster"

"2,000 Man"

"Black Diamond"

"King Of The Nighttime World"

"God Gave Rock And Roll To You II"

"Crazy Crazy Nights"

does "New York Groove" count?

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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I had no idea Sammy.

Ok, I guess I'll make a list:

Deuce (From Alive!, of course)

Let Me Go, Rock and Roll (also the Alive! version)

King of the Nightime World

Love Her All I Can

Got To Choose

Plaster Caster

Only You

Saint and Sinner

Sweet Pain

Secretly Cruel

Well, there's 10. These are ones that always make the cut when I burn a cd for the car.

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I love Kiss, I've always loved Kiss, and my last day here on this planet will still find me loving Kiss.

(Shivers deliciously in anticipation....)

"In Detroit, a Pontiac Michigan youth was declared dead at the scene of a head on collision on Grand Avenue this morning. The youth was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the boulevard when he struck a delivery truck and was catapaulted through the windshield of his car. The driver of the truck is reported to be uninjured. Identites of both men are being witheld by local police."



Cold Gin

Detroit Rock City

C'mon 'n Love Me

Hotter Than Hell


God Of Thunder

Rock Bottom

2000 Man

Strange Ways

Let Me Go Rock And Roll

I Stole Your Love

Love Gun

Shock Me

Is That You?

New York Groove

I Can't Stop The Rain

Hooked On Rock and Roll


100,000 Years

Black Diamond



Goin' Blind

Comin' Home

Ah, I could go on and on....


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I went to my first KISS concert in 78 I believe and will never forget it. It was and still is quite a show. Remember the album KISS II, this was my favorite album. You got tattoos with it. This group was one that truly stood out.


100,000 years


Rocket Ride (Ace)

Rock n Roll all night

Cold Gin

Do You Love Me

I Want You

Black Diamond

Hard Luck Woman

Lick It Up

Plaster Caster

Paul Stanley was my favorite. What a voice.

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