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Cappuccino Kisses


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This is my 24th song, rock n' roll tune. My first song in the true rock n' roll style as well.

Cappuccino Kisses

(Written September 5, 2005

By Mike R. Smale

© 2005)

In the neon lighted taverns,

Stale heartache drifts about in the air-

Some melancholic jazz notes

From a lonely saxophone, blare.

And in the midst of smoke and sadness-

I catch her eyes in a stare.

Well, I take the seat right next to her,

And I ordered us two coffees.

And after just a little bit of small talk,

My blood pressure's rising

And my stomach is churning

With a swarm of bees.

Oh, I hardly even know you, girl,

But something just seems so true.

Well, I don’t want you to think I’m crazy,

If I said that I happened to love you.

We took a evening stroll into the city,

Through the streetlights just flickering on.

I told her that I'd take her to her dwelling,

She said, "That'd be so sweet," with a yawn.

I brought her to her front steps,

And she offered a grin.

She kissed me on the cheek,

Gave me her number,

Said that she would do it again.

And the jazz is screeching brightly,

Out into the city night.

Oh, your cappuccino kisses,

Make me feel alright.

Those cappuccino kisses

Make me feel alright.

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