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County Fair


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Well, the summer is coming to a close, we did a lot of fun things this summer, but something always seems to be a great staple of summers, along with fireworks, picnics, and swimming.

The County Fair.

A place that has many components that have remained the same for the last hundred years or so.

Where else can you watch tree climbing competitions, log-rolling, stump carving with chainsaws. The smell of old fashioned corndogs and barn yard animals, vendors calling you over to "come play -win a prize" at the game booth. Rickety rides and clowns are silly, it's something I remember as a child as being one of the summers more endearing events. So much variety at one place.

Sure it's basic, simple and standard. But it is one of the few remaining elements of from time gone past. Something much less changed over the years as so many other events.

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Our County Fair is also the NJ State Fair. It is always the first 2 weeks of August. I don't go every year, but it's fun. There's a demolition derby, a horse show, animal exhibitions, concerts (usually country music)and of course, you can eat yourself silly.

The last time I went, it was in the evening with a few girlfriends from work. We went to the demolition derby and hooted and hollered so much that we were getting stares. It was fun, though.

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