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The Wall movie, Pink Floyd.


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Back to The Wall. The movie is ok. Some parts convey the album, perfectly, others kind of suck. All in all, it didn't come off as great as the album did. But as far as Roger Waters goes, I can't listen to his music for pleasure. Syd Barrett is genius. I'd rather be in a state of euphoria than a state of isolation.

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Well lets guesstimate as to what else it could have meant instead of "Going to church before watching the Wall makes it cooler" hmmm how about "Smoking a pillow case of Maui Wowee makes the Wall cooler" or "Dropping some acid makes the wall cooler" of "Digging thru pastures of cow **** for mushrooms, and then ingesting said mushrooms makes the wall cooler"

Yep, I definately meant going to church before watching the Wall makes it seem cooler, those other suggestions are far too outrageous.

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walldvdcaption.jpg If you don't eat your meat, how can you have any pudding? How can you have your pudding, if you don't eat your meat?

In my humble opinion this is a great movie. Just like their music, their movie mixes media and has layers of meaning. You should most definately watch this.

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