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Big fan of their early stuff. I've really gotten into What's The Story over the last 6 months. There's nothing better than just to play and sing along to it when tired and depressed to make me feel tons better..

As for the other CDs, I've never given them fair thought, I'm going to have to listen to the other material in due course.

But yeah, great band! Love 'em!

Love and mercy


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I have their first three CD's. My first musical love was the Beatles and so anyone attempting to immitate them, I thought deserved a listen. Immitation being the sincerest form of flattery. You can hear the influence on most of their songs, the songs played on the radio especially. The three CDs I have all fit into that rare category of 'put it in the player and hit play.' Most of their music has a harder edge to it than the songs that were played on the radio frequently such as "Wonderwall" and "Don't look back in anger". I would compare many of their songs to the Smashing Pumpkins more than I would the Beatles even though the vocals always reflect the Beatles influence. One of my top four bands from the 90's, as I listed in another thread. Might even be my second favorite only behind Stone Temple Pilots.

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