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Alanis Morrisette "Everything"

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Does anyone know where I can get the version of this song where Alanis opens with, "I can be the NIGHTMARE of the grandest kind..." versus "I can be an A**HOLE of the grandest kind."??

I have ordered imports of this single-including the radio edit-but they all have the word "A**hole".

Has anyone listened to this song? It is quite a good song! It seems to be a song from a girl with insecurities to her boyfriend that accepts her unconditionally.

However, one day I was listening to this song on the radio and the dj said that this song takes on an ENTIRELY different meaning if it is sung to your higher power!

And, indeed it does!

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The Super Bowl halftime controversy that occurred earlier in 2004, and the stricter Federal Communications Commission regulations that followed, Morissette changed the first line of her song, "Everything", from "I can be an a**ole of the grandest kind" to "I can be a nightmare of the grandest kind" for radio.

Morissette originally resisted the change, and her forthcoming album, So-Called Chaos (due May 18th), will contain the original version of the song. "It really isn't a huge compromise for me to have one version that's played on radio and then have the original version on the record," she says.

It appears that only the live and radio versions of this song have contained the "nightmare" version. I'll have a further look though :)

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