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Three Poems


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These three poems were written over the course of this past week and have not received any feedback on my primary site, so any here would be greatly appreciated. All are copywritten 2005.

The Enforcer

(Written August 23, 2005

By Mike R. Smale)

"Strike one-

You’re out!"

I bowed to the little man

And said "goodbye!"


Breath of Being

(Written August 23, 2005

By Mike R. Smale)

Glorious Spring has returned

To bring salvation to

The earth in Fall spurned

Come with Life and Peace.

But Peace is violent,

Such is the order.

Winters quietly spent

Give rise to the rush of life.

Turmoil and strife,

Such is necessary:

Not ugly, this Life,

Life is to live.

Like love is this,

Like the sea moving

Tempestuous, yet not amiss

For this is the way.

Peace, quiet, solitude

Descend like winter

To restore that mood,

To reflect next spring.


The Yoke

(Written August 27, 2005

By Mike R. Smale)

I see you here,

Next to me in the night.

Your brown eyes and hair

A million in a million of each

As Christ mounts upon the tattered

Universe, to a rising bolero of All.

And truth spreads out before us,

A horrid torture chamber

For our bloody innards...

And I am here too much overcome

By the realization that life-

For the dung-pile eye-

Is too much to bear.

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