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I just wondered, I went try the ignore feature on someone who doesn't appear to have posted on the boards but has decided to begin starting Private Topics with me and also sending me obnoxious e-mails on my homne e-mail...

Now, I've blocked their e-mail address on my e-mail accounts, but the Songfacts ignore feature has 3 levels - Tinted Glass, Wood Crate, Lead Box :laughing:

Before I block/ignore/whatever, does anyone know what the difference is with each for future reference?

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Tinted glass - You can see them online and that they have posted but still read their posts. Perhaps they can only see you are online but not read your posts?

Wood crate - They can't see you online or read your posts.

Lead box - They might as well not exist because they don't even register on the radar.

I've never been ignored before so I'm not sure, when we tested the ignore feature, we were never on at the same time, so I'm not too sure. Maybe the FAQ says something. No, it doesn't...

Also looks like you can only ignore people not on your buddy list.

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I´m absolutelly ignorant about all this... I´m so glad as long as we can post, PM and less more... :):):)

I just went to see about the "ignore list" but didn´t understand anything. Not that I want to ignore anybody, just curious... As for the buddy list... now I have many names on my buddy list but I use private messages... besides, I guess all those who invited me on their buddy lists then cleaned their list and cleaned me up too... ;laughed:

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