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Who is your favorite male vocalist?

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Favorite male vocalist.... hmmm. This is a tough one. None of the artists that I love the most have particularly great voices, to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of their voices but let's face it, Tom Petty, Walter Egan, and Warren Zevon all have a tendency to sound quite nasal and Lindsey Buckingham tends to, at certain times, sound strained, feminine, or like he just inhaled a bunch of helium. And his voice tends to crack, a lot, especially in live performances.

So I'll give the "favorite male vocalist" award posthumously to someone who isn't one of my favorite artists but who possessed a really great voice: Elvis Presley. :elvis: :thumbsup:

And with Roy Orbison a second runner up. ::

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I love John Lennon's voice, especially in the early Beatles albums when he was singing those really rockin' tunes.

Freddie Mercury has a great voice (of course), I like David Bowie's voice (deep and sexy), Robert Plant can really wail and I like the perfection that is The Eagles!! Voices of angels! :angel: :angel: :angel:

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