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Queen, Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin YOUR CHOICE

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If I have to choose, it's "Queen." The across the street neighbor's boys played Led Zep (badly) for hours at a time. (When they weren't broadcasting it across the street on their stereo at level 11!) As for Pink Floyd...interesting, in a "Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention" kind of way. :stars:

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It's no secret; that my two favorite bands ever are Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd, I have the entire collections / box sets + solo-side projects & rare import purities by both acts. Our media room, is completely covered in posters & flags, primarily by the two; alongside Marley. So for me to choose which one I like better, is like deciding which kid I love more, I just can't do it man` :crazy:

I simply can't listen to Queen. I forced myself to listen to their albums so I could find out what everybody thinks is so great about them, but I haven't yet found out. I think I never will.

Compared to Zep & Floyd; I agree 110% wholeheartedly.

However, I still think Queen have lots of potential.

Bohemian Rhapsody & '39 : These are two of their prime choices, along with Killer Queen, Stone Cold Crazy, & the Sheer Heart Attack album. Most of their music after Day at the Races starts to get off track, right around when Freddie Mercury came out of the closet; sold-out; changed his image; & gave up classic brit-rock tradition for his birth ritualized Islamic ~ Mecca-Omar persona. They still managed a pretty sleek sound though, but my hat goes off to Brian & Roger.

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Probably Led Zeppelin.

They had such a raw and unique style. Amazing guitar, for one thing. I mean, who ELSE plays with a violin bow? Amazing vocals by Plant. Amazing drums, that's for sure. And even amazing bass. They were just different. They changed the way music was made, and played. They changed the way music was heard (they drew audiences in to see concerts, people were starting to want to SEE, and EXPERIENCE the music live). They were just an amazing band.

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