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Well, I'm figuring it will be soon to draw List 13 to a close. It's time for List 14!

I would like to open the bidding with a favorite of mine, a real rocker! A great group, an outstanding album ....

The year was 1981...

Journey - Escape


Wow! The memories this album holds for me... This album holds so many outstanding songs-

Let's open with with - *Don't Stop Believin' then the blast of *Stone In Love.... coming next is a radio favorite *Who's Crying Now ... followed by a hammering rocker called *Keep On Runnin'... softer again in the next tune *Still They Ride... then hold on, here come another rocker, the title track *Escape... I love the intro to this next rocker, *Lay It Down ..and just when you think the tempo could not be accelerated any more... *Dead Or Alive will blow you away! *Mother, Father is another heart-felt slower song, a real deep and solid song. Finally we close out with another radio favorite Open Arms another slower love song, a real beauty.

This is a treasure, not a bad song in the whole bunch, infact, every song is very much well above average! The best Journey ever did!! A classic, if you have not listened to this, or it's been a while... treat yourself!


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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Clearwater Revival

If you are mostly familiar with Creedence by way of their string of deservedly popular swampwater singles hits, this debut album offers something a little different but no less extraordinary.

CCR wasn't really "born on the bayou", but grew out of a Northern California garage band. The music and vocals here are less polished and less restrained than the nearly flawless records that followed. The tracks are about half 'covers' of some well-chosen and fairly unconventional material, Dale Hawkins' Suzy Q and Screaming Jay Hawkins' I Put A Spell On You, extended adaptations with a psychedelic bent. It would be impossible to "outsoul" the original Ninety-Nine And A Half (that's Wilson Pickett/Steve Cropper, after all) but CCR's version is another tasty musical choice.

While the original songs probably don't include anything on the tip of anybody's tongue, listening to them is like finding lost treasures, whether you've heard them before or not.

In a some ways, this is a kind of 'alternate universe' CCR, but somehow it is still unmistakably Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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bazooka, I can't believe I did not mention this before, great choice! I was just listening to CCR yesterday. They did some good stuff, some of my favs are Proud Mary, Midnight Special and of course, Run Though The Jungle!

This debut is really good, Susie Q is my favs off this album.

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We really need more suggestions. If you have submitted ones in the past and they were not chosen, please re-submit them, I myself am bad at this, but I really would like to see some that others have submitted in the past represented, I just don't feel comfortable making all the suggestions.

So many regulars here have really done a fanatastic job suggesting great pieces of music.

Please take a look back through the early list, even if you see something someone else posted that you would like to support, you would be helping us out immensely.

Thanks for your continued support of Music Of Choice

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how about something a bit different?

Mogwai: "Happy songs for happy people"

Mogwai are a scottish post-rock band. I am terrible with genres but that's what people call it so i'll assume that's correct. basically, they play accoustic rock, with some vocals but not really lyrics. and surprise, surprise, accoustic music can be very emotional! eventhough there are no lyrics, so many emotions are conveyed through the music, which is absolutely beautiful, albeit quite depressing. my favorite tracks are "kids will be skeletons" and "kiiling all the flies".

ok, so there is another suggestion that will be ignored...

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Oldies are greaties!

How about...

The Guess Who - Greatest Hits

1. These Eyes

2. Laughing

3. Undun

4. No Time

5. American Woman

6. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

7. Hand Me Down World

8. Share The Land

9. Hang On To Your Life

10. Albert Flasher

11. Rain Dance

12. Sour Suite

13. Heartbroken Bopper

14. Guns, Guns, Guns

15. Follow Your Daughter Home

16. Star Baby 17. Clap For The Wolfman

18. Dancin' Fool

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