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38 Special - Flashback

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I was just listening to this CD after having it buried for years... this was, wait, ... "is" really good stuff.

Songs like Back to Paradise and Teacher, Teacher, they don't get the respect I think they deserve. Sure, it's nothin' deep, nothin' outstanding in the musically ground-breaking area, nothin' inspirational. But it's good music!

Anyone else feel that 38 Special is a bit under-rated?

Ok, maybe I'm in a minority. I like 'em though.

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I have the .38 Special Flashback cd. It's very good. Yes, nothing groundbreaking or particularly innovative. But, like PF said, it's good music. Entertaining. That's what it's all about, right?

The only thing that disappoints me about the cd is "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" is live, and, in my opinion, not as good as the studio version.

I don't know that they're not respected as much as other Southern Fried Rock bands, just that they didn't do anything to set themselves apart from the rest. Musically, they are average, but it's seamless, tight, and well constructed.

As far as the Van Zant Boys, their cd is a hard edged country sound. What I've heard of it, anyway.

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