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Fun and Games: guess the band


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Here's mine

1. Staying with the Philly connection...they were (are) a great R&B group.

2. Their lead singer (not for whom the group is named) was seriously injured in an automobile accident.

3. The injured lead singer went on to a successful solo career and recently reunited with the group for local concerts.

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That may well be , edna but Peter Wolf and Barbra Streisand lived together for quite a while.

Oh, certainely, Barbra Streissand lived together with sooooo many people.... but Peter Wolf was faye Dunnaway´s boyfriend in the first 80s...

Now, Unky, I can´t find the answer to your question and I gotta leave... give us a hint... I´ll give a clue for my question: the name refers to a joint... :googly:

Guess I´ll see you tomorrow on the board...

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Jeff Beck played with his former mates on their second album (1986).

(This band was pretty obscure)

My bad...Beck guested on their 1984 album, and Jimmy Page guested on their 1986 album. Both legends were members of this band's former group (the British invasion one). This is getting confusing :: We can move on if you all would like.......

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I feel honored to have stumped the mighty miamisammy (actually I don't feel good about it at all :() these guys were appearantly more obscure than I thought.

okay...band formed by three founding members of the Yardbirds, but not the legendary guitarists or the lead singer....and there's not much else to report on these guys because they didn't make much of a dent on the music scene, even though it seems to me they should have.

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1. short-lived "supergroup" (2 albums)

2. 80's

3. formed mostly from members of former British Invasion band

Gotta be Box of Frogs, a short-lived 80's band with Yardbirders Paul Samwell-Smith and Chris Dreja. So, assuming I'm right:

1. Name came from working title of a Beatles song

2. Bit the big "Apple" but found mostly maggots

3. Two members hanged themselves

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