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Well , we've reached the finale : Carl and I , head-to head , one game , winner -take -all . I've got the better record , but the betting line has to favor Carl , as his bunch usually can rack up around 130 points per game , while I'm around 120 ... should be a good clash , anyway .

JR and Cee-Cee for 3rd : A wild one to predict ; safe money's on Cee-Cee as she is consistant , where as JR's team has been all or nothing ... depends which bunch shows up.

RonJohn and Sammy : Another shootout that seems dead even .

Elvish V.S . TD TIGERS : We all hope Elvish can put those goons where they belong --in the basement . ;)

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Well , A big congradulations to Carl for taking our SuperBowl ! A close contest -- but I relied on my Chicago Def. once too often , I guess ( though they gave me some wins I likely didn't deserve ! - bummer it had to be against Minnesota !? LOL ) Well played, though , and a great comeback from near the basement -made for an exciting season ! Infact , I've mentioned to others my desire NOT to face your team , as I thought you were favored to take it .

Special mention to Elvish , as well , who battled out of the basement to place 7th !

Congrats to all other winners today , too ! -- and now sit back and enjoy the real playoffs ! :thumbsup:

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