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Barbeque Sauce


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Actually, I don´t like meat neither. My body feels the need of a steak once a month but that´s all. No fish neither, nor sea food. Turkey or ham...

I hate eating an animal... :P

no steak, bleh!for me to eat it, red meat has to be in small bits, like ribs or in mince form

and i doubt i'm eating turkey mince again, it smelled rank the other day :vomiting graemlin:

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That's so cute, Peaches. I'm picturing my cat now when he was just a kitten and how he would get so full his tummy looked like it would explode if you touched it. But he was warm, fed, and just wanted to get cozy and take a nap. Now he's a complete tyrant and sort of mean-natured. They always have to grow up, don't they?

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Beer-Butt chicken - We consider this fine dining where I'm from!!!

Best redneck eatin you'll find. No sauce, 3/4 can of beer, a good poultry rub, or just salt, pepper and garlic. It's worth trying, believe me!!

(Besides it gives you guys an excuse to buy more beer)

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That's the thing with meat - you don't wanna scare it into cooking. A quick searing on both sides will keep the juices in, and then slow cooking over a low temperature tenderises that meat to perfection.

That's the oldest B.S / urban legend around ; one cannot , by any means , ' keep juices in' by searing the surface of meat' . The best thing to do is a slow, low temperatured , roast with the juices coming out at a regular pace ! :D

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