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Common Words or Phrases


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"Woke up this morning, Lucille was not inside" (Lucille, Little Richard)

"Woke up this morning, feel 'round for my shoes" (Walking Blues, Clapton)

I remember a funny book we had "How to write a hit". If you wanted to write a blues you had to have that line...

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"Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore" ~ Linda Ronstadt

"It doesn't matter which of our fantasies fled" ~ Stephen Stills

"It don't matter to me" ~ Bread

"It doesn't matter who's wrong or right" ~ Michael Jackson

"It doesn't matter if all this shatters" ~ Depeche Mode

"You know it doesn't matter anymore" ~ Hall and Oates

"It doesn't matter what I want/need" ~ Alison Kraus

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter" ~ Adam Ant

"Nothing else matters" ~ Stevie Nicks

"It doesn't matter anymore" ~ Fleetwood Mac

"Nothing really matters, to me" ~ Queen

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