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Songs relating to the WTC disaster 911

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:drummer: I do a radio program on our local community radio, I like to theme, and as September is getting close I thought I'd dedicate my program to that disaster. Just so we don't forget. :help:

Garth Brooks, Toby Keith,Charlie Daniels(3) REM, Live,Eric Clapton,Whitney Houston, DJ Sammy.

Keep thinking about this as it's very important in music &world history. Why hasn't a album been released yet? It could be a major fund raiser for the victoms of 911.

Thanks for your help.

I will keep looking. :guitar:

"Outside In The Distance a Wildcat did growl

two riders were approaching,and the wind began to howl" :shades:

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I used this when a similar question was asked.

Cinammon Girl by Prince

As war drums beat in Babylon

Cinnamon girl starts to pray

I've never heard a prayer like this one

Never before that day

Tearful words of love for people she had never met before

Asking God to grant them mercy in this face of a holy war

Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl of mixed heritage

Never knew the meaning of color lines

911 turned that all around

When she got accused of this crime

So began the mass illusion, war on terror alibi

What's the use when the god of confusion keeps on telling the same lie?

Cinnamon Girl

Don't cry, don't shed no tears

one night won't make us feel

Cause we know how this movie's ending

Cinnamon Girl

As war drums beat in Babylon

And scorch the blood red sky

Militants bomb the foreign gun

Both sides truly die

Cinnamon girl opens the book she knows will settle all the scores

Then she prays after the war that there will not be anymore

Cinnamon Girl

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I actually bought the 2 CD compilation of songs called, America: A Tribute to Heroes.

I found MANY of the songs to be very somber, but I must admit I DO love the remake of Pink Floyds "Wish You Were Here" by Limp Bizkit and Johnny Rzeznik.

Now, most Floyd fans think that any remake of the original is blasphemy, but I really love this song. They also remade some of the lyrics too..


so you think you can tell,

Heaven from hell,

Blue skies from pain,

Can you tell a green field,

From the cold steal rail

a smile from a veil,

Do you think you can tell?


So do you think we can change,

everybody that hates,

before its too late?

So proud to be free,

but who can we blame?

don't be ashamed,

do you think we can change?

How I wish,

How I wish you were here,

We're a world of lost souls,

swimming in a fish bowl,

year after year,

running over the same old ground,

what have we found?

the same old fears,

I wish you were here,

We dont need,

need any more pain,

we just need to remain

on the very same page,

so much to gain,

no more loosing a friend,

we're loosing ourselves,

we just need your help,

so glad you're here

So glad you're here.

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