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Old TV.


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Oh I know...we are doing that next Thanksgiving here at the station...a turkey drop...frozen ones that is from one of those bucket things that go up to like trim trees and stuff...the listener closest to the target wins...we can't wait! Come on Nick at Nite...get WKRP!!!!

One of the funniest episodes of any sit-com ever.

Doesn't Mr. Carlson end it by saying, "With God as my witness I could have sworn turkeys could fly..."

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Everyone drooled over Lonnie Anderson, but I had a thing for Bailey Quarters. I thought she was HOT. She had an intellectual yet sassy look about her.

There was one episode where Johnny Fever had to move in with Bailey becuase they were exterminating Johnny's apartment because of Lizards of all things. Everyone back at the station thought there was something going on between Johnny and Bailey when it was purely innocent.

Bailey comes back to work wearing Johnny's Black Death tee shirt and wearing cut off jeans. Man she looked good.


Marshall University, 1971

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The Fugitive - David Janssen was born to play Dr. Richard Kimble.

The Untouchables - Ness, Nitti and unrestrained gunplay. A DesiLu Production

The Invaders - Architect David Vincent knows. Now he must convince a disbelieving world.

Thriller - as sure as my name is Boris Karloff.

honorable mention:

The Prisoner - Another beautiful day in the Village. Who is Number One?

Branded - former Rifleman Chuck Connors as the "coward of Bitter Creek".

Sea Hunt, Perry Mason, Route 66, Secret Agent, F Troop.

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I loved "Adventures in paradise" when I was a child... Captain Adam Troy was my hero...

Of course I watched a never ending list of TV shows such as Man from Uncle, The Invaders, great Chaparral, I love Lucy, Get Smart, Misison: Impossible, Gilligan´s Island, Mr Ed, Rin Tin Tin, Adams Family, etc...

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:blush: OH DEAR! It's rather frightening that at 16 I am contemplating buying the Fraggle Rock dvd. I think I'll need to babysit a little kid, so that I can justify this.

It's a bit of a shame though some of the programs I watched when I was little are disappointments now, like playschool- which is really odd, and Postman Pat, which really takes it's time.

I saw Bob The Builder the other day too, although it was quite a bit past my time, I wouldn't have kept watching if it wasn't for the Italian restaurant owner and his awesome over-the-top stereopical accent. Mamamia!

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