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Dixieland Jazz

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Alot of you know that im into Theatre. Well..right now i am in a variety show of dixieland jazz music cruisin down the Mississippi in a showboat. Theres a drama part behind it, i play Huck Finn and my friend Tom Sawyer stow away and are caught by the capn and made to work to stay on and he falls in love with becky and blah blah blah. ANYWAYZ to the music. Ive fallen in love with Jazz music like this because of this play, its just so comforting. Ill list out the songs...but ill first have to say my favorite. "Georgia On My Mind" performed alot by Ray Charles. Its a Beautiful song with lots of heart.

1. Basin Street Blues

2. Dinah (Is there anyone finer

In the state of Carolina?

If there is and you know her

Show her to me)

3. Tiger Rag - Instrumental Dance Number

4. Bill Bailey (Wont you come home?)

5. Tin Roof Blues

6. Alexander's Ragtime Band

7. Down By The Riverside

8. Maple Leaf Rag

9. Georgia On My Mind

10. Ain't Misbehavin

11. Ol' Man River

12. Fidgety Feet - Dance Instrumental

13. Stars Fell on Alabama

14. Hello Dolly

15. Do You Know What it Means (To Miss New Orleans)

16. Royal Garden Blues - Dance Instrumental

17. Big Butter and Egg Man

(then Funeral Scene for the River Pilot) We have an old fashion funeral of New Orleans. We start out with Closer Walk With Thee, then we move into a trumpet solo of Amazing Grace then pick it up with the whole band. Then for bows we do When the Saints Go Marching In.

Its a great show i wish you guys could see.

Tell me what you think of the music!!!!!

Any Dixieland Jazz Fans in here??

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I wouldn't classify myself as a big fan of the genre but....

I always liked anything by Pete Fountain and his Dixieland Band and back in the 60's there was a great group called The Village Stompers who played great Dixieland. They had a huge hit with a song called Washington Square.

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I agree with Unc,

on clarinet Pete Fountain's tonal quality and intonation were almost unmatched. I remember growing up, I wanted to play clarinet just like Benny Goodman and Pete Fountain.

I've haven't bought many Dixieland albums, but I've heard plenty of songs.

Dixieland music is intertwined with;

Boogie Woogie


Stride piano

New Orleans Jazz and Brass Bands

Novelty Ragtime


Dixieland Revival

Here's more to explore.


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The play was awesome for those of you who didn't get to see it. I was one of the fortunate ones who DID get to experience something like that! The music got the best of me, i wasn't able to stop tapping my foot... even if i wanted to. It was an amazing play and psychocatholic was awesome. I was really proud of him.

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