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Introduce and Frapper Map yourself here

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Hey everyone, I'm new. Just saying hi, and whatnot.

Nothing else to say...so...yeah...pretty much done...

*cough* This is awkward

I like your style, TIB. :grin:

He loves the capslock.

Good lord. I reside in the proverbial gutter. I read that word "capslock" too quickly and I saw... well... just scramble the letters up yourself and you'll see.

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I do. Usually, that happens when I am at work. All of my typing at work is done in caps. I use the same computer to type in calls that I use to surf the web. I find that I type a lot of posts in caps and, rather than go back and fix it, I leave it. Not only because I am lazy, but because I may not get to retype my post without interruption again. Even worse, if I take the caps off and have to type in an emergent call, unless I remember to lock the caps again, I will have to re type the call, causing undue delay. When I am at home, I can keep my cap lock in check ;)

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