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Henry David

Introduce and Frapper Map yourself here

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Welcome to SongFacts, BD!! :bow:

Woo Hoo!! Another SF chick! :wink:

You'll love this place! Hang around long enough and it's not just about music, but about making new friends :grin:

I don't know why but for me this concept "making new friends" is strange. Perhaps people are built differently. I believe that if we switch that back and believe in it we'll be ready for the next plain of existence ;)

We should all be friends by default. And put aside those that are not worthy of our friendship and respect. This is me. Should i go further and expand this introduction?:)

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Hi, everyone!

My name is Tony and I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I'm 37 and single (but always looking!). I was born with Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus (the latter is usually called, "water on the brain") on May 20, 1976 and I was also a preemie weighing 2lbs. 9oz. and spent the first sixteen months of my infant life in hospitals after my parents were told at my birth that I would not live and, if I did, I would have to be institutionalized and I would live in a vegetative state for the rest of my life.

However, God intervened and He has allowed me to live to 2014 - a year in which I will become the age that my father was when he died from a heart attack while driving a tractor-trailer in New York.

I guess I don't need to explain that I'm a born-again Christian and have been since 1991, shortly before my Mother's father, and my Grandfather, passed away from bone cancer.

Due to my last name being "Trout" and also my health issues, I was made fun of in high school by a bunch of boys who thought they were being cool by bullying me - but they weren't! The bullying and teasing (which went so far as me having my clothes set on fire while I was in them) caused me to drop out of high school in my Junior year.

God has graciously gifted me with the ability to play several instruments:

Guitar: Acoustic; electric; slide; lap steel; bass



& I'm a singer.

That's my intro. I hope that it wasn't too long. I'm glad to be here and I think I'm going to enjoy it very much!!

Take Care,

Tony Trout

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Welcome, Tony! I think you'll find that the people here on Songfacts are warm, interesting and very knowledgeable about all things related to popular music.

Your musical insights and opinions will be most welcome.


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my name is Jim..I've always been fascinated my musical arrangements & I am a HUGE fan of ambiguous lyrical content within songwriting...

...it can be a song within a song.

A longtime fan of blues & I love hearing newer artists cover old blue/rock standards.

Kid Rock,Sheryl Crow,Inspiral Carpets,AIC,Clapton.

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Welcome aboard J-Shak! You're gonna love it here. Not only for discussions about what you already know & like, but also to discover music you didn't know was out there. :) :thumbsup:

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